Who we are

We are a semiconductor distribution company with the sole focus of promoting STMicroelectronics products as our main valued supplier.

Value added service we provide :

  • 1. Eight sales & marketing offices in South and South-East Asia
  • 2. Centralize warehouse and headquarter in Singapore
  • 3. More than 30 employees through out our regions
  • 4. Inventory of 2000+ items, valued at more than 5 million USD
  • 5. Online stock check and quotations
  • 6. FAEs to promote right solutions to customers and help customers design

Branch Locations


Design Capability

Team of engineers to advise and assist you in product development


Global partners to form strategic supply-chain alliances world-wide

Product Knowledge

Technical Sales/FAEs team to advise the appropriate products and solutions

Buffer Inventory

Buffer inventory of more than 2000 items to support customers’ urgent requirements